The Friends Association has taken upon itself the task of improving the ambience inside the hospital by exhibiting works of art. In the last few years, several art exhibitions – some permanent and others temporary – have been installed in different parts of the medical center, much to the joy of patients, visitors and staff:   


  • תערוכת צילום של צבד – קהילת הצילום של ישראל (לובי בניין ראשי)
  • A permanent exhibition of Israeli art, in the Oncology Institute, curated by Smadar Shefi
  • “Island Within an Island” – photographs of the Jewish community in Cuba by the JDOCU Group, curated by Eli Attias
  • “Opening a Window to the Western Galilee” – a permanent exhibit of landscapes, on the walls of the Out-Patient Clinic
  • "נשים בראי האומנות"  של החוג לאומנות בראשות גב' שירלי פדוריאנו
  • תערוכות צילום  "בגן העדן של ילדות" "הטבע ישמח לבב אנוש" של הצלמת מאיה רמז באגף ילדים

Other recent projects that improve patients’ wellbeing:

  • Therapeutic garden next to the Occupational Therapy Department in the Rehabilitation Unit
  • New playground next to the Pediatric Medicine building
  • Gymboree inside the Pediatric Department
  • “Healing Garden” next to the Oncology Institute in Memory of Miriam (Mori) Burkis
  • Space for parents and children to meet in the Afik School in honor of Yosef Muz
  • רחבת הכניסה לאגף הפנימי בסיוע תרומת קק"ל גרמניה ועזבון גרסיה טולדנו ז"ל