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Vision of Galilee Medical Center

To stand at the forefront of medicine and provide medical services to the residents of the Galilee with professionalism, humanity, quality, availability at all times and with high accessibility, together with a professional, skilled and talented team.
"Person-to-Person Medicine" - It is our duty as therapists to see, listen and understand the person in front of us - a patient or his/her family member or a colleague.

To serve as a leading university medical center, and to maintain working relations, research and teaching with academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

To become a magnet for young doctors, graduates of the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee, for senior physicians and leading department heads from all over the country.

To continue to lead the medical center to the forefront of achievements and successes in the field of quality in medicine in Israel.

To maintain relations with the community in order to promote health and quality of life in the region's population.

To develop an appropriate and safe work environment that enables a pleasant and supportive therapeutic atmosphere at the highest level.

To create a sense of belonging and pride, while creating commitment on the part of the team to promote the work in the medical center and collaborations in team work both inside and outside the organization.