American Friends of  Galilee Medical Center launched (November 2012)


 Galilee Medical Center  is proud to announce the launching of the American Friends of  Galilee Medical Center, an American 501c3 registered non-profit organization, and the establishment of its first board. Heading this new organization is Ms. Zoe Riekes (Omaha, NE) aided by US Director Alan Engel, former CEO of Jewish Federation of Louisville. Board members were recruited from communities throughout the United States.




"We will work to promote and support the Hospital by broadening its capability to provide the highest quality of medical care and other services to over 600,000 people - Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze living along Israel's northern border," states President Riekes. Toward this end, the American Friends of  Galilee Medical Center will engage individuals and organizations through fundraising, advocacy and volunteer opportunities. (in the photo: Zoe Riekes, President of the Board, with Alan Engel and Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director General of  Galilee Medical Center).


For more information and to join us, contact Avrum Lapin, Director of American Friends of Galilee Medical Center,